• How Bad Credit Can Hurt You

    Anyone who owns a television has likely seen the FreeCreditScore.com commercials. A fun, catchy jingle plays explaining why the subject of the commercial is working as a lobster-dressed waiter in a silly restaurant, sleeping on his sister’s couch, unable to get approved for his own apartment or driving around town in a junky car. And while these commercials appear to be light-heartedly poking fun at those with a bad credit score, the reality for those individuals with bad scores is anything but light-hearted or fun.

    Most people understand their credit score is directly tied into their ability to get approved for a loan or credit cards. Having a bad credit score can impact the individual’s ability to get approved for credit cards, auto loans, home loans, business loans and personal loans. However, many people fail to realize the full impact bad credit can have on them and their lives. Credit scores can be checked during the application process for an apartment or home rental, during a background check for a potential employer, when determining the premiums for certain insurance policies and when attempting to rent a rental car without a credit card. They can be denied a desirable place of residence, the job of their dreams, charged higher insurance premiums or end up stranded on vacation.

    Thankfully, having bad credit does not have to be a permanent part of life. Although it takes work and time, credit scores can be improved. Cleaning up and raising these scores can improve quality of life and open many doors that were previously closed to those with poor credit. My Financial Corner will walk you through the process! Call us now and let us help!


It's your right to have accurate information on your credit report!





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