• How to Not Overspend On a Summer Vacation

    Summer is almost upon us and when most people think of summer, they think of vacation. Perhaps it goes back to when we were children and had summers off from school, or perhaps we all just enjoy the warmer temperatures and sunshine, but regardless, when people think of summer, they don’t think of sitting in an office working. They think of spending time outdoors; at a beach somewhere with a fruity drink in their hand or camping, spending their time fishing and hiking.

    While we all look to escape from our day-to-day lives and get out of a town for a while, this is an expense many of us overspend on, or spend money that we don’t have on. We decide that we deserve a vacation and charge it on our credit cards, or once we get on vacation, we spend more than our budgeted amount and place any extras on the credit card. Unfortunately, once we’re home, we need to start paying off this trip, which adds additional stress to our lives and once interest kicks in, additional expenses to the trip.

    So what can we do to ensure we don’t overspend and go into debt because of a vacation? Budget! Budgeting is the key to keeping your finances in order and is no different when planning a vacation. Set aside a certain amount each paycheck or each month to pay for a vacation. Then, when it’s time to start planning a trip, plan for something that fits within the amount of money you have set aside. Be realistic and include the costs of everything, including travel to and from your destination, housing or hotel costs, food costs, souvenir costs and any other incidentals, such as rental cars and amusement or entertainment costs.

    Many of us think that we have to spend a lot of money to enjoy our vacations. And while it is nice to go to Hawaii or the Caribbean Islands, it is not something we can afford to do as often as we may like. Just because a vacation is not expensive does not mean it is any less enjoyable. Many people are finding that vacations close to home can be just as enjoyable and relaxing as an expensive vacation. And more and more people are learning that vacations, which are paid in full with money we already have, are far more enjoyable than charging a vacation and coming home to a large credit card bill and high interest rates.

    If you have already overspent and find yourself in debt that you can’t get out of or are unsure of how to handle the situation yourself, My Financial Corner can find the best solution to help you out. Call us now and let us help you!

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